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New Emergency Sleeping Bag fishing &Camping

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To make your several-day camping holiday even more enjoyable, the quality of your night's sleep is very important. Have you slept well at night in the tent and are fresh and rested for the next day or trying to close a few hours at a festival this summer; make sure you have a bed to sleep on. Of course a beds can also be used as emergency mattresses when you have friends or family to stay in.
  •  Brand Name: Aolikes
  • Comfortable Temperature Scale: [0℃~-10℃]
  • Applicable People: Adult
  • Length: Lengthened (1.8 m-2 m Heigh
  • Season: Spring & Autumn
  • Model Number: Emergency Sleeping Bag
  • Type: Cold Weather
  • Sleeping Bag Temperature Scale Category: Spring and Autumn Sleeping bag
  • Filling: pe
  • Fabric: pe
  • Size: 78.74in*35.43inch
  • Thise product take between 14-20 day to arive



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