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LED Automatic fishing bite alarm

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LED automatic fishing bait alarm are on fire recently. They are of the kind of smart alarms and are invented mainly for night fishing, but can also be used during the day in fog or low visibility. Their construction allows them to be mounted quickly and easily on top of various fishing rods. The body of LED Automatic phishing alarm is hermetically sealed and protects and prolongs the life of the battery and the electronics of the LED light. The electronic system is powered by a CR 1225.LED battery with a battery life of 1000 hours. Automatic alarms are produced in two sizes with different weight to be suitable for fishing rod with different sizes. LED automatic phishing alarm with a smaller base is suitable for phishing rod with a top diameter of 1 mm -3 mm. Alarms with a size with a larger base are suitable for fishing rods with a diameter diameter at the tip of 3mm -5mm .LED light can be seen at a distance of 100 yards .Depending on the preference of fishermen they are produced in two colors: green and red.
  • Type: Fish Bell/Alarm
  • Feature : Fish bite detector
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: approx 2.3x2.9cm
  • This product take between 14-20 day to arive


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