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Singel fishing line

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Since being invented by Du Pont in 1939, these single lines have remained the most used and popular line for the next two decades, as the early monolithic line was very, very hard or "tough" and difficult to process and cast. including newly introduced spinning and casting accessories.                      Monofilament lines soon became a favorite of many fishermen because of their general ease of use.                        -The smooth design increases the throwing distance and the overall fishing opportunity.
-The best material from Janpan is good for fishing any kind of fish
-Knit from the machine from German, make the line more rand than others and provide a longer casting.
-Eliminate bulk knots, give incredible contact with your catch.
- Almost zero water absorption is best for saltwater fishing on a blue lake

                                                                                                  500M fishing line test table
Line Number 0.4 #: 0.104mm / 2LB / 0.9KG
Line Number 0.6 #: 0.128mm / 4LB / 1.8KG
Line Number 0.8 #: 0.148mm / 5LB / 2.2KG
Line Number 1.0 #: 0.165mm / 6LB / 2.7KG
Line Number 1.5 #: 0.205mm / 7LB / 3.1KG
Line Number 2.0 #: 0.235mm / 8LB / 3.6KG
Line Number 2.5 #: 0.260mm / 10LB / 4.5KG
Line Number 3.0 #: 0.285mm / 12LB / 5.4KG
Line Number 3.5 #: 0.300mm / 14LB / 6.3KG
Line Number 4.0 #: 0.330mm / 16LB / 7.2KG
Line Number 5.0 #: 0.370mm / 20LB / 9.0KG
Line Number 6.0 #: 0.405mm / 25LB / 11.3KG
Line Number 7.0 #: 0.435mm / 30LB / 13.6KG
Line Number 8.0 #: 0.470mm / 35LB / 15.8KG
  • Brand Name: DNDYUJU
  • Material: Nylon
  • Position: Stream,reservoir pond,river,LAKE,sea,ocean fishing
  • Buoyancy Characteristic: Sink Line
  • Model Number: Fishing Nylon
  • Due to popular demand this product take between 20-30 day to arive.
  • Material: Nylon
  • Size: 500m



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