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Daiwa grip/plier set fishing tool

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Very often the caught fish is injured by careless removel from the water,it dies from its wounds after some time .All this can be avoided with this fishing grip..Each preserved live fish=larger trophy fish on next fishing and more fishes on water sources.All thes can be avoided with new Daiwa grips   perfectly suitable for landing any type of fish. They are the best lip grip on the market. Just insert it into the jaw, close the pliers and remove the fish. The ends of the fish grippers are rounded and spherical to prevent injury to the fish when lifting. . Aluminum  body of construction make these Daiwa landing grips very light and can be carried effortlessly in any small fishing bag.

  • 2in-1 fishing tool set is portabel and easy to use. Upgraded large fish gripper to hold and release your catch by one hand. bass/crappie/redfish/fluke/sunfish or catfish (weigh up to 18KG); a 2-fish pliers makes your hook removal efficiently, also sturdy strong enough for removing hooks, cutting fishing lines sharp cutter & split rings
  • Anti slip strip on the handel.Alow to operate with one hand
  • Safty lock  is added to use safely when you close pliers.
  • Material: Aluminium, stainless steel and high quality plasrtic

  • Due to populer demand this product take between 20-30 days to arive.


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