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Steel wire leader fishing line

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    Very often, when the caught fish is taken out of the water, the fishing line is subsequently interrupted by the size of the caught fish, by the sharp teeth of the fish and depending on the type of line. Whatever type of fishing line we use, due to the sharp teeth of predatory fish, most often the line breaks. Many other things can weaken the line, including the knots you tie in it. If you accidentally break the line while fishing, this is the most unpleasant moment of fishing. All this can be avoided when using these steel guides. They are attached to the main line at one end and the hook or lure at the other. Leaders can be made of a material other than the baseline, or simply be a thicker and heavier version of the baseline. These leaders allow the fishing line to never be interrupted when pulling the fish
Leaders against bites are made of strong stainless steel material, strong enough and durable to withstand trophies
High power. Made of high quality stainless steel, it serves as a shock absorber, resulting in fewer breaks, fewer hooks pulled and more fish at the end of the day.
Connecting. - Leaders are equipped with a flexible bracket at the top and a swivel at the bottom
Smoot crimp -Crimps are very smooth. It is convenient to separate each guide to use its own hook clamp, preventing entanglement of all guides.
  • Material:Anti-bite wire Color:Blach,green,silver
  • Size: 15cm, 20cm, 24cm, 30cm                                                                       FREE SHIPPING !



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