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The fishing float has several purposes. First, he can hook the bait to a predetermined depth; secondly, due to its buoyancy, it can carry the hook of the bait to otherwise inaccessible parts of the water, allowing the float to float in the prevailing current; and third, the float also serves as a visual indicator of the bite. Depending on the size of the bait, the depth of the water source, the flow of water, the direction of wind blowing is chosen and the type of float.The floats are available in different sizes and shapes and can be made of different materials, such as foam, balsa, cork, plastic and echt.   Normally, the line between the float and the hook will have small weights attached, ensuring that the float sits vertically in the water, leaving only a small brightly colored tip visible. The rest of the float is usually finished in a dull neutral color to make it as inconspicuous to the fish as possible.  There is already a full variety of fishing floats on the fishing market with many extras and additions. . This type of fishing float is made of Barguzinsky Fir Float material and is recommended for freshwater sources. The tail of the float is made of solid material  and the float itself has a cylindrical shape. This type of float is recommended for fishing small fish .

  •  Brand name:WLPFISHING
  • Position; stream,reservoir pond,river,LAKE
  • Category: Vertical buoy                                                   Shape: Cylinder
  • Floating tail type: Hard tail
  • Product Type: Fishing float
  • Material: Barguzinsky Fir Float 
  • Size:  See description                                                          Due topopular demand this fishing float kake between 14-20 days to arive                                                          

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    Everything is super! It came quickly! Thank you for the gift!


    Floats + hooks came whole, excellent condition. Seller recommend.


    Shipment well packaged. Jigging solid. Recommend!


    The product corresponds to the description and photo. we arrived in a safe and sound manner in tubbos. the seller put a small gift in the form of five hooks with blades.


    Everything came whole, floats in the tube.